Solargator is Singapore’s first ever store that is dedicated to high performance solar-powered garden lights. The idea behind the use of solar-powered garden lights began when our founder experienced multiple power trips from his garden lights running on AC in his newly re-built house. Despite repeated visits and troubleshooting by the electrical contractor, the lights in different parts of his garden kept tripping. He then decided to switch to using solar-powered garden lights to eliminate power trips and the need to wait for repairmen to identify the failed light fixtures. 

Our main products, the high performance Solar Bollards and Garden Spike Lights, together our ultra-bright solar wall lights with motion sensors provide a safe home outdoor environment for our customers. Through harnessing the sun’s rays to use solar energy to power these lights, they prove to be an amazing alternative to wired lights. Moreover, these lights use absolutely ZERO electricity, allowing our customers to save the Earth as well as on their electricity bill while at the same time eliminate all power trips forever. 

At Solargator, we aim to provide our customers practical lighting solutions with the use of solar powered lights. The products we offer have been specially customized by us to the highest specifications possible so that they are as bright as wired lights. We are so confident of our selections that we offer up to 12-month warranty on our main products along with a 7-day 1-for-1 exchange.