Mosquito Lamp & Flashlight

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Mosquito Lamp & Flashlight
1) Kill Mosquito
2) USB Charge
3) Rain & Shine Proof
4) Additional Flashlight, SOS Signal & Lamp Functions
5) 8 Hours Solar Full Charge, Or 6 Hours USB Full Charge
6) Mosquito Ultraviolet LED Light Can Use Up To 12 Hours
7) Spray Or Rinse With Tap Water To Remove The Mosquitoes Bodies

Can Be Used For Outdoor or Indoor Activities E.g ; BBQ, Camping, Lantern Or Bedside Lamp

Mosquito lamp
Dimension: 13cm x 8.5 cm
Weight: 302g
Battery: 2200mAh/ 3.7v
Charging Time: 3-4 Hrs
Power: 5W/5V
Material: ABS
Water Proofing: IP67

Operational duration:
Powerful torch (300lm)- 10hrs
SOS with 320lm-9 Hrs
Lighting with 350lm-8 Hrs
Lighting with 100lm- 16 hrs
Mosquito Lamp- 12 Hrs

Camping Light-100lm-350lm
Mosquito Lamp-20 Square Meter

Comes with 6 Months' Warranty, 7 Days' 1-to-1 exchange


This mosquito zapper contains a built-in rechargeable battery which can be charged using a common micro-USB cable which is included. It also embodies a torch light and a camping lamp. It is ideal for use during outdoor activities such as camping, BBQ or poolside. It can be used in the rain as it is rated IP67 weatherproof. Its 3-function torch light features a strong beam, a normal beam and an SOS Morse-code flash for use in emergencies. Best of all, the blue light will attract mosquitoes to fly towards the lamp and ZAP them. To remove the dead mosquitoes, simply place the mosquito lamp under the tap water to rinse it off or spray it with water. Caution : Remember to seal tightly the Micro USB input slot with the rubber cover provided before placing the lamp under the water to prevent any damage to the circuit. Important Note: Do not charge the lamp while having leaving the mosquito zapper blue light on. Doing so will burn off the blue bulbs.
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