Solar Powered Garden Lights


  • $338.00

SolarGator Bollard Lights are exclusively customized and engineered to serve as an ideal replacement for traditional wired bollard lights. 

The bollard lights are ideal for placements along driveways and pathways, on balconies and poolsides, among hedges and near flower beds.

The bollards are IP65 weatherproof and come with intelligent light sensors. It switches on automatically when the sun sets and switches itself off upon sunrise, every day.

They are also versatile and easy to deploy - simply place it anywhere you want, outdoors or indoors. Its all-in-one design means absolutely no wiring is needed at all. Users may choose to place it anywhere they want, bolt them onto the ground, or even spike it onto uneven or sloping grounds.

Comes with 12 months warranty and 7 days’ 1-for-1 exchange.

Spike and bolts are sold separately.

Dimension: 23.5 CM X 80 CM (H)
Base Diameter: 16 cm
Battery: 5,400mAh
Charging time: 8 Hours (Full charge)
Operating Duration: 12 Hours (Max)
illumination: 105.88LM


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